Google Maps Geocode API js v3 – Status = “REQUEST_DENIED”

There a few things that could be going on here.

#1 Do you need a map key for this. If you do, you need to follow the instructions here :

Make sure you add it where you are calling the JS API

#2 Do you have &sensor= (true or false) . Google says this is a common reason why you would get a “REQUEST_DENIED”.

#3 Do you need to URL encode? I had a string coming in with the “#” character. Something like “R.R.#1”. It seems that the “#” is not something google likes. It rejected that entry and I was not able to geocode the address eventhough everything seemed a-ok.

Fix in C#

qParam = address + ",+" + city + ",+" + prov + ",+" + country;

        qParam = qParam.Replace(" ", "+");
		string googleUrl = "";
		googleUrl += Server.UrlEncode(qParam) + "&sensor=false";


Nota Bene :  Postal Codes didn’t seem to help my google map geocode queries. I removed it from my parameters.


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